Demanding times require expert guidance.

Consulting Services - Overview

Rating Agency Advisory

Michael A. Cohen, Principal of Cohen Strategic Consulting, provides expert guidance to insurers to optimize their prospects with the rating agencies. In this uncertain environment, this has never been more important because the rating agencies are taking an extremely cautious view in their analysis and assignment of ratings. Mr. Cohen was A. M. Best’s leading life insurance expert and headed its rating division, personally following the vast majority of industry organizations. Cohen Strategic Consulting has the expertise and intimate knowledge to help you position your company for the best ratings possible.

Rating Expert Legal Testimony

Utilize Mr. Cohen’s extensive experience and expert testimony on the insurance industry and rating matters to win your legal proceedings.

Strategy Development and Implementation

Leverage Mr. Cohen’s 30 years of expertise and industry success in developing and executing profitable corporate and business strategies, managing successful insurance enterprises, identifying and engaging potential joint venture and merger/acquisition partners, and creating effective solutions for many areas of insurance organizations to strategize for your future success.

Enterprise Risk Management

Identify the risks to your organization (both internal and external), determine their potential exposure, mitigate their adverse impacts, and develop strategies that take these critical risk perspectives into account … Cohen Strategic Consulting can help you create a program to enable your company to manage its overall risk exposure and successfully navigate through these tumultuous times.

Competitive Intelligence

Outposition your competitors by determining:

  • What they are thinking and doing?
  • Where they are strong or weak?
  • How might they counter your strategic initiatives?
  • How can you exploit their business thrusts?

Cohen Strategic Consulting can help you identify strategies and tactics that will enhance the likelihood of successfully outmaneuvering your competitors.