Rating Agency Expert Testimony

Provide expert analysis and testimony on insurance industry rating and related matters to enable clients to win their legal proceedings.

Consulting Service

Analyze all relevant information pursuant to a clients’ ratings, develop expert reports of opinions/implications on pertinent issues, and serve as a witness in legal proceedings. Supporting research incorporates the following:

  • Review of a client’s business plan documents, financial statements/ data and existing rating agency presentations to gain a thorough understanding of its strategy/operations, financial position, competitive advantages and core competencies, and key success drivers and results.
  • Critique the rating agencies’ analysis and reports on the client company, ascertain positive and negative rating factors, and determine the appropriateness of the rating agencies’ assigned ratings and outlooks to the client company.
  • Review rating agencies’ analytical methodologies and operating procedures to identify situations where the rating analysis of the client’s company is not consistent with those methodologies and procedures, and utilize these discrepancies to support legal claims.
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