Understand what your competitors are thinking and how they are operating so that you can outmaneuver them strategically and financially. Driven by Mr. Cohen’s intimate knowledge of companies’ strategies, situation analyses, strengths and weaknesses, executives and their thought processes:

  • Critique organization-specific strategies deployed by your company’s competitors to enable you to enhance your competitive positioning, corporate strategy (including expansion via mergers and acquisitions), products, distribution, financial management, and investment strategy
  • Identify companies whose positions could be exploited

Consulting Service

Determine and empower the creation and execution of strategies to optimize your company’s (corporate and business line) strategic positioning by providing comprehensive and actionable intelligence about the competitive landscape. Key questions that the consulting engagement will provide answers to are:

  • What are your competitors’ strategies? How are they approaching the marketplace? What are they thinking and doing?
  • How well are they executing, and what is driving their success (or lack of it)? Where are they strong or weak? Vulnerable?
  • How might they counter your strategic initiatives? How might you exploit theirs?
Improve Your Company's Performance

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