Enterprise Risk Management

Build/enhance Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) programs in organizations to ensure that company management fully understands the risks inherent in its business activities (either internal to the company or anywhere in the external operating environment), and that the appropriate action steps are taken to reduce the adverse impacts of risk. This understanding encompasses the risks a company will bear in the course of operating its business(es), as well as identifying the risks it either does not want to take or that it needs to mitigate.

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Identify the risks to the organization (both internally and externally rooted), quantify and qualify their potential exposure, mitigate their impacts, and develop strategies and tactics at key levels of the organization that take these risk perspectives into account. Core elements:

  • Develop and install enterprise risk management programs in companies: identify risks, qualify/quantify their adverse impacts, determining strategies and tactics that mitigate undesirable or unnecessary effects of risks, and creating communications processes for management and boards
  • Integrate ERM processes and analyses into companies’ strategic and operational planning thinking and initiatives (including their key corporate committees)
  • Identify and quantify risk tolerances and thresholds (over the short- and long-terms) that enable companies to avoid initiatives that could jeopardize their strategic and financial goals
  • Develop an ERM ‘charter’ to focus and communicate a company’s efforts and activities
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